ESG disclosure

01 月
How to start your ESG reporting process
JYG consulting has provided 3 takeaways

1. Start from within
ESG implenetation needs to starts from everyday planning and action. By carefully examine the daily steps of transaction with stakeholders, a company can then assess the negative or positive impact it brings to the Environment, Economy and Human (Society). This is also in full accordance with GRI 2021 standards. 

2. Stay on top of the market trends
How to win from market competition requires business leaders to embrace the latest market trends and stay on top of these trends. Market trends and evolvement also provides opportunities for assessment of potential positive and negative impact which can bring more opportunities or threats. 

3. Strive for excellence (business leaders) 
ESG implementation requires long-term resolution from business leaders. By striving for excellence, business leaders will be able to continue to better themselves and the companies. What's most important is not to win from competition but to find a clear path for your own business for sustainable growth.