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Launch of Chinese Translation of GRI Universal Standards 2021

ARDF Webinar

Insights on Sustainability Disclosure Standards and ISSB

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GRI 2021 standards and AA 1000

Effective Jan 1 2022

GRI 306 waste update

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good

TCFD disclosure


How to start your first ESG report


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About JYG Consulting

  • JYG Consulting Co. Ltd., is a specialized Sustainability Strategy Consulting Firm serving clients in the Asia Pacific region.
    • GRI Certified Training Partner (Asia Pacific)
    • Member of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance
    • SASB Consulting Content Partner
  • We help your business
    • Exploring green business opportunities through market research-based tools
    • Prepare for Purpose-Driven ESG strategy and execution


Market research and strategy consulting

We provide professional policy analysis, market research and industry studies, value chain studies, competition analysis, consumer insights and other consulting services.

ESG consulting services
Provide international ESG rating system interpretation, regulatory compliance and policy analysis,and assist companies to manage potential risks.
JYG Industry Salon
Our goal is to make connections easier. In the JYG Industry Solon gatherings, we invite industry participants to share the most updated market trends and we also introduce ice-breaking activities to enhance communication. Topics we have discussed include ESG, Electrical Cars, 5G, biopharmaceutical market updates; petrochemical industry updates.
Corporate coaching and workshop
Advisory services for business leaders and senior executives to help them connect their personal purposes with corporate missions and achieve the corporate goals.
Integrated marketing
Integrated marketing services including brand strategy consultation, market surveys, creative visual development, sensory marketing and comprehensive event planning and executions.

Focus Areas

We are your strategic partner that assists you in sustainable value creation
We are your strategic partner that assists you in sustainable value creation.