ESG training courses

02 月
GRI 2021 Certified Courses in Chinese Language (authorized by GRI)

The GRI Certified training course 2021 introduces the GRI Standards 2021 Update and outlines the process and requirements for reporting using the GRI Standards.

Practical information about the course: 

  • Length: The course duration is 8 times * 3 hours each week. 
  • Audience: This course is aimed at a wide range of users, from sustainability consultants, CSR/ESG specialists and reporters, to C-suit executives and students in the field of sustainability and CSR/ESG reporting. 
  • Prerequisites: There are no specific knowledge prerequisites for the course, but participants are encouraged to read the GRI Universal Standards 2021 prior to attending the training session. 
  • Certificate of Completion: Participants attending the course are entitled to receive a certificate of completion.
Titles of our courses include: 
  • Introduction to Sustainability Reporting and the GRI Standards including Materiality and Stakeholder Engagement process  
  • Human Rights (new with GRI authorized course material in Chinese)
  • Integrating the SDGs into sustainability reporting (new with GRI authorized course materials in Chinese)